The Ultimate Guide to Buying Trading Pins

September 16th, 2014

If you plan to buy baseball pins or any other trading pins, you may want to check out this article first. In this article, you will find different tips in buying trading pins and at the latter part you will find the different types of backsides that are available for your trading pins.

The first thing that you should consider before buying baseball pins or any other trading pins is the quantity. The number of trading pins that you will buy will have a big impact on the total cost of your trading pins. The more pins you buys, the lesser the total cost of the trading pins. The next thing to consider is the type and size of the trading pin.

The usual size for baseball pins is around 1.75” to 2” and the usual process is the soft enamel process. The materials used for the creation of the trading pin also have a big impact on the cost of the trading pins. The costs of the pins are also higher whenever you add additional designs or accessories to your trading pin.

Baseball pinsThe additional designs or accessories may cost from as low as $0.20 to as high as $1.75. The most popular accessories are the danglers and spinners as well as blinkies and glitter. The third factor that you should consider is the colors that would be used in your trading pins. It will cost you more especially if you use a lot of colors because each color you add is equivalent to another extra charge. Usually, trading pin manufacturers allows you to pick 7 colors without additional charges. There will also be a higher charge if you would like to rush your orders. Usually, it takes around 4-15 days to be able to receive the finished product but if you want your pins to be manufactured as soon as possible, then you have to pay more.

It is also important to choose the right type of backside for your baseball pins or other trading pins because it will be the one to hold the pin to its place. The first type of backside is the butterfly clutch or the military clutch. In this type of backside, you will find a small point attached at the back of the pin. To release the pin from the clutch you will just squeeze the butterfly clutch and pull it upwards from the prong. Usually, metals, rubbers and plastics are used to create this type of backside. Another type of backside for your trading pin is called the jewelry clutch. To be able to lock the clutch, it must be covered by the prong. The third type of backside is the safety clasp. This type of backside contains a long pin prong which is used to keep in the pin in place whenever it is put under a small hook or clasp.

Another type of backside is called the magnetic clasp. This type of backside is composed of a tiny disc magnet which is used to attract another magnet which is located at the backside of the trading pin. This type of backside is advisable for people who hate having holes in their clothes because this type of backside prevents hole stabs in the clothes because it does not have any sharp pins. Another type of backside is called the screw and nut. It is considered as one of the safest type of backside since the point is threaded and the nut is turned into place to so that it secures the pin into place. The last type of backside is called the stick pin wherein it has a thin needle which also has a collar that is used to lock or open the pin. To be able to lock the pin, the needle must go upwards and to lock the pin, the needle must downwards.

Exposing The Truth and Fallacies of Algorithm Punishments With The Assistance of A SEO Company

August 27th, 2014

It’s not just politics that gets a lot of fallacies thrown at it. There’s a lot of conspiracy theories that abound within the world of marketing, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. You will find yourself in the midst of conjecture more often than not if you try to chase the DIY mentality of exposure within these pages. Too often, people assume that the easiest way to traverse the modern world of marketing is to work at it through the framework of isolation, and only a few little things here and there. Once upon a time, yes, it was easy to work with search engine marketing and you could get a deluge of traffic without doing a whole lot. However, today, that is not the case and you will find that when you hire a SEO company, things can change for the better, but only if you hire a good company that knows what they are doing.

The Many True and False Elements of SEO

SEOThe first thing that you should know about search engine optimization today is simple, there is a lot of conjecture involved with what works and what doesn’t. It’s easy to see what is not going to help you, as it will be manifested within the many blogs and pages that are published across the internet. Look online for information related to what works and what doesn’t within the realms of SEO and you will get hit with so much information, it will be problematic to move forward with. With so much fallacy getting spread through the world of internet marketing, it’s easy to see that you’ll need to do more than just publish a website in order to gain leverage online. If you want traffic to come through your site, you will need to play a lot of different roles, especially if you don’t want to hire a SEO company.

Breaking Down The Fallacies

Optimization lies are all over the internet. They will convince you that you can be the first place site in search engines without doing a lot of work, and they’ll be very convincing about all sorts of other elements that are wrong. Search engine optimization lends itself to fallacies a lot because there’s a bit of intangible returns that can occur. The intangible nature of tech is definitely something worth noting. The fallacies that come through in relationship to the world of marketing is such that you will end up making a huge mistake when implementing the right protocol, according to what gurus are saying.

You can tell whether or not the advice that someone gives you online is good based on where you find it. If you’re reading the information in a forum and someone randomly tells you that you can make a lot of moves by buying bulk links, you’re going to be in for a surprise. The source of your information matters greatly, because if you trust the wrong people, you could end up falling short of the goal that you want to chase. If you want to make moves online, you absolutely need to stay away from the fallacies that are published on blogs, forums, and more.

There Is No Quick Fix

The biggest myth of all, the one that is seen across the board is that SEO is quick fix. It is not a miracle cure, it is not going to help you overcome certain elements at all, and in some cases all the work that a SEO company can do for you will end up getting unraveled fast. The problem is that optimization is a long term thing, and in the short term it’s useless. You could implement all the right changes right now and in 24 hours still see no results. You could wait months and still see nothing at all. This causes a lot of turmoil in the world of marketing, especially within circles that want to make moves forward. You will find that in order to gain leverage, you will need to be patient and you’ll need to work within the parameters of a professional optimization strategy. Without a professional building your campaigns, you’re going to be laboring in vain.

It’s important that you avoid working with any firms or agencies that are going to promise that they can get you ranked at the top of search engines fast, or that they can send a mountain of traffic your way for a small fee. Traffic generation, SEO placements, keyword generation, content management, search engine engagement, and all the other aspects of internet marketing take a lot of time and precision to get right. If you don’t believe this, then you are going to end up falling for any number of fallacies that are out there on the web.

The Truth Is Out There

If you want the truth about SEO, talk with a company that does this for clients on a regular basis. Ask them questions about the myths and truth about the world of optimization and you’ll be surprised with what you will be told. There’s a lot of room for error when it comes to marketing today, especially with the rules changing often within search engine updates.

Uses for Custom Pins

July 17th, 2014

Custom pins have become a popular item and have gained a lot of uses throughout time. It can be used for recognition, business promotions, giveaways, and other uses.

•Businesses – used as giveaways to help promote their brand and get word out to the people and potential customers or clients. They are much cheaper in the long run than advertisements on TV, radio, or other media. It is also a good way to be memorable to people.

•Employee recognitioncustom pins can be made to be given to certain employees as an award for their outstanding work or any achievements like employee of the month or similar. It helps boost morale and at the same time recognize them for their work.

Custom pins•Fundraisers – companies, non-profit organizations, and schools can make use of custom pins for their fundraising events. They are a great way to reward donations and acknowledge their contribution. The donors will be very happy to receive a pin for their efforts.

•Club or organization pin – lapel pins can be given to members of an organization so they can proudly show their affiliation by wearing it on them. This, in a way, also helps promote the organization when they see the members sporting the pin.

•Schools – there are a number of uses for custom pins in a school setting. Student organizations can give them away to spread word on them, and also can be given to members. Student political parties can also give away pins for the other students to show their support. Fraternities and sororities also make use of pins as a way of affiliation

•Military pins – these pins are used by many countries as a way to recognize their armed forces that have done excellent jobs. It is an honour for armed forces personnel to receive these pins. They can be frequently seen having it on their uniform and wearing it proudly.

•Service anniversaries – lapel pins are most often given to celebrate a service anniversary. It can be customized to display the years of service or even the name of the person who will receive it.

•Political campaigns – during political campaigns, pins and buttons are worn to show support for a certain candidate or political party.

•Promote events – lapel pins are inexpensive items that can be given away to help spread the word on an event and make people aware of it.

•Sports – sports teams have customized pins that have their logo on it and are often sold during games. Wearing one is a great way for fans to show their support.

•Boy scouts/ girl scouts – used to recognize the boys and girls who have done certain feats or award them for their achievements as a scout. It helps keep their spirits up and make them proud to be a scout.

•Reunions – during these special events, lapel pins can be given as a memento for that year’s reunion. It is a great token for the people to remember that certain reunion. They can collect their pins for each year to mark their attendance.

•Gifts – the lapel pins are great gifts for any occasion. They are special, can last a lifetime, and are really memorable and unique items.

•Collectors’ item – people have begun gathering certain pins and making a personal collection. There are a lot of different kinds of pins available from sports teams to cartoon characters and other pop culture icons. There are even specially made pins for collectors. Events have been made for the purpose of showcasing, buying, and trading lapel pins with other enthusiasts. These venues are also a great way to interact with other pin collectors.

Things to Consider Before Buying Golf Clubs

June 28th, 2014

The charm of golf lies on the intense concentration and control needed to create a good hit. It makes use of muscle power and mind power, while still being open to people from all ages. The lush greens of a golf course can easily turn a gaming session into a relaxing getaway from the city, and is also an opportunity to bond with several social circles.

As a newcomer, getting geared up will have to be one of your primary concerns, however it is no secret that golf can be quite an expensive sport to play. So what are the key things that you should keep in mind before spending your dollars on your golf clubs?

a. Assess your commitment to the game – are you playing golf for sheer recreation or are you actually willing to take golf lessons to improve your game? When you find that you have enjoyed the game so much that you are willing to really hone yourself and invest more time to it, then that is the ideal time for you look into more expensive set of clubs. Otherwise, you can first settle for cheaper items or even used golf clubs.

b. Club fitting – this involves getting fitted in a pro shop to measure the dimensions of your arms, your body, your wrist, and your height. This is done in order to come up with the best set of golf clubs suited to your body structure. Standard golf clubs are made for men with the average height of 5”10, and so people who are not in this height range are advised to have themselves fitted.

Remember that your club is the extension of your arms during a game, and so playing golf can be made much easier and enjoyable with the right-sized clubs.

c. Determine the right combination of materials – there are two basic types of shaft: graphite and steel. Graphite is known for its ‘kindness’ to the arms because of its ability to flex and its light weight. Steel, on the other hand is stiff and favors faster swingers. It also has a stronger vibration feedback upon a hit, which is quite a matter of preference for the player as some would want this kind of response while others are quite uncomfortable with it.

cgc-1Graphite is normally advised for beginners as its flex is able to create longer drives even with slower spins.

The club head material is also important. Titanium is the most expensive due to its strength and light weight. These are also known to have wider-faced club heads, creating a larger ‘sweet spot’ to gain a larger probability of hitting the ball correctly. It also has cheaper counterparts like steel and titanium alloys, which are just as strong but is considerably heavier.

Graphite shafts with titanium heads are an excellent combination for beginners or players who need to improve their game as these types of clubs are easy to handle and control, and allow for very long drives.

d. Shop around and do not be afraid to seek opinion – Because golf is quite an expensive sport, it always helps to check out several local stores and even online forums to get the best deal of club sets. At a minimum, you will only need one driver, two fairway woods, two irons, a pitching wedge, and a putter.

It is also a great idea to consult a local golf pro or salespeople in shops, and even your fellow golf enthusiasts. These are the people who can see your play in a more regular basis, are more familiar with the golf course, and would have a better idea on the kind of golf clubs that you would need.

The PCB assembly process in a nutshell

June 26th, 2014

PCB assembly refers to the process of mounting and interconnecting electrical and physical components on a printed circuit board – a piece of fibreglass material that is usually colored green and bears copper-made conductor patterns. There are two basic PCB assembly processes: through-hole assembly and surface mount assembly.

pcb-2The choice and combination of components is the primary determinant as to which assembly process and sequence is to be carried out. Through-hole assembly is used to mount relatively large components whereby their terminals are manually inserted through holes in the PCB and selectively wave soldered on the opposite side of the board. The surface mount assembly is intended for relatively small components whose mounting requires automated assembly equipment to solder their terminals to the conductive tracks on the PCB surface.

Through-hole assembly

In general, there are four stages in the through-hole assembly process. First, the pin-through-hole components are carefully cropped and formed to fit in their designated holes in the PCB. Second, the components are manually inserted into the board and held by a variety of methods to prevent movement during the soldering stage. Third, solder is applied to bond the circuit board and the components’ terminals. Lastly, the assembled circuit board undergoes cleaning process to remove any residues of flux applied.

Surmount mount assembly

Like through-hole assembly process, surface mount assembly process consists of four stages. First, solder paste is applied to the PCB with the help of a stencil. Second, the components are mechanically placed on the board using a ‘chip shooter’ and held by the paste deposits. Third, the circuit board with the components mounted is heated in a reflow oven to permanently bond the components’ terminals with the board. Lastly, the assembled circuit board likewise undergoes cleaning to remove flux residues.

Differences between surface mount and through-hole

With regard to both board and soldering practices, there are significant differences between through-hole assembly and surface mount assembly. The components mounted using the through-hole assembly are mechanically held together prior to soldering to ensure that that the surfaces to be soldered are in contact. As the solder forms the electrical joints, the mechanical joints become stronger. In contrast, components mounted using the surface mount assembly are weakly held by the solder paste, i.e. the components merely stick on the board and the permanent joint is formed by the solder alone once the solder paste reflows in the reflow oven.

Combined assembly processes

Nowadays, PCB assembly processes are combined, that is PCBs contain both pin-through-hole and surface mount components. There are three assembly variations that are widely used today. By convention, they are called Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 processes. The Type 1 process is basically the surface mount process. The Type 2 process is whereby pin-through-hole components are mounted on the top surface of the board and surface mount components on the bottom surface. The Type 3 process is whereby pin-through-hole components are mounted on the top surface and surface mount components on both sides. The choice of PCB assembly process is dependent on the components’ mechanical build and their ability to withstand processing.

The Type 3 process in general

In the Type 3 process whereby surface mounted components are to be placed on both sides of the board, it is common to separate soldering on the top and bottom sides. To do this, surface mount assembly process is performed first on the top side followed by the insertion of pin-through-hole components. Then, adhesive is applied to hold the components, the board is inverted and the surface mount process is done on this side. Finally, the through-hole process is completed by wave soldering the pins and removing the adhesives.


ApexChat and Its Live Chat Services

March 27th, 2014

Among all the websites that say your online business is in good hands if you subscribe to their offers, which one do you choose? For all you know, these are just empty claims. Thankfully, you do not have to worry about anything when it comes to ApexChat and its live chat software. This company and the products and services it offers have been reviewed many times by satisfied customers.  Its online chatting software is one of its leading products as it provides online business owners an effective internet marketing strategy. Online communication and live interaction are features that can be used by online businesses as their edge over their competitors.

This article will give you an idea of what exactly ApexChat offers and what kind of live chat software you can use for your online business.

live chatThis company offers what is called as “pay for performance pricing.” Once the product or service is installed on your website, then you are only billed for the sales leads that are sent to you. This means that you will only pay for the each lead generated by the live chat facility. If you are happy with the status of your online business with the current sales leads ApexChat is providing, then you can stay with it or you could choose to upgrade your plan or model depending on your needs. However, if you are not satisfied with what you are getting, then you can stop the service subscription and just pay for the sales leads that were sent to you. There is no long-term contract so you do not have to pay for the unused leads if you decide to stop earlier.

ApexChat also has the “call connect” feature. After initiating the business contact through live chat, the business owner could decide to transfer the visitor or customer to a phone line where they could talk easily and conveniently. It actually is just a choice on the side of the agent or business owner if he wants to transfer the communication from chat to phone. What is good is that the agent is provided with options depending on the demands of the situation.

ApexChat also focuses on online advertisers, therefore achieving its goal of efficient business technique and strategy. The chat software is meant to enhance and develop the correspondence between the agent and the visitor. It also has industry expertise that ensures software adaptability and flexibility in any internet platform. What makes it attractive is that it is proven and tested to perform well in all types of internet settings and templates. ApexChat is also HIPAA compliant therefore ensuring data protection for both sides of the business. It also offers custom branding for partners so that it promotes and advertises the brand and does not divert the interest from the chat provider.

The Unicode system also makes international communications easy and worry-free. If your customer speaks a foreign language, the system translates the letters and symbols into the language the agent is using and in return, the system also translates the message given by the agent into the appropriate language the visitor is using. In addition, live chat has safety features which protect sensitive data such as personal information given by the customer. Secure data abilities ensure the customers that they can transact with confidence and trust to the agents. Also, when a customer is already acting aggressively and belligerently, the agent can simply block the IP address of the customer so that he will not be able to access the live chat server anymore. Equally important is the quality of relationship you will have with your customer. When the customer feels that his concerns are important for the person on the opposite side of the computer, he will more likely stay longer and have a stronger connection with the online business.

All in all, ApexChat is a wonderful solution to all your internet marketing problems. If you have tried all the strategies to make your online business hit the money marks and still you are too far away from the peak, then ApexChat is just the software service provider for you.

Author Bio

ApexChat will develop a custom script (set of canned responses) that will be used by our live chat agents to conduct chats on your behalf. We have processed hundreds of thousands of chats on behalf of thousands of businesses of different types. We have deep insights into what works and what doesn’t.

Why Should You Hire an SEO Services Company?

December 26th, 2013

If you have a website and you want it to gain popularity, you should hire a company that specializes in search engine optimization or SEO. A SEO services company is basically a service provider that makes use of search engine optimization to boost the amount of visitors to a certain website. It does this by acquiring high-ranking placements in the search results pages of search engines.

A SEO services company helps guarantee that a website remains accessible to search engines. It also improves its chances to be found and indexed by these search engines. It aims for this website to rank highly on the search engines, so it will show up on the top of the search results page. As you know, a high ranking can significantly increase your chances of acquiring new customers.

SEOIt is important to choose an SEO services company that offers a wide range of options and packages for search engine optimization. These options and packages should range from one-time fees to monthly subscriptions. You should be able to avail of ongoing customer support, as well. While you can design and set up your own website, you still need the help of an SEO services company to secure your position in the search engines.

Keep in mind that local citations are the most crucial aspect of local search engine optimization. You can be rest assured that the major search engines list your business properly if you have consistent information across social pages and local directories. Reputation management is important too. Your online reputation can make or break your chances of success. A positive reputation is good for your business while a negative reputation can ruin all your hard work.

These days, as you notice, customers mainly rely on the reviews they find on the Internet. Hence, you should hire a company that can provide you with unique services which will let you receive great reviews. Likewise, this company should help you manage negative reviews efficiently. Hiring a company that specializes in search engine optimization will prove to be very useful if you find a lot of destructive reviews about your business or website online.

Getting design services is another reason why you need a company that offers SEO services. If you want your business website to acquire more visitors, it should be pleasing to the eye. It should have an interesting design. As much as possible, you should choose a company that offers custom logo design, custom Web page graphics, social networking site banners, and blog customization among other services.

Of course, you should never forget about branding. Every business owner needs to focus on brand awareness campaigns if they want to succeed. Hiring a company that specializes in SEO services can help you with this. See to it that you choose a company that does not only build presence but online branding, as well. They should excel in brand design, positioning services, and corporate naming.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of SEO audit services when you hire a company that specializes in search engine optimization. This company should do comprehensive SEO audits of your website, including a competitor analysis. They should provide you with a report that includes step by step approaches to improving your website. This is especially beneficial if you are aiming for the topmost ranking in the search engines.

How you can promote your site better with user-generated content

December 24th, 2013

seo marketing6Publishing your own website is easy. With a lot of available web development software and content management systems (Many of them are available for free.), you can design and publish your website in less than an hour.

The major challenge will be the management and maintenance of your website. Popular and successful websites are updated frequently with fresh content, and you can’t do that on your own. Many businesses hire full-time web teams or web management service companies just to keep their sites up and running.

This is why user-generated content or UGC has been gaining popularity in recent years among self-publishers and online businesses alike. UGC includes web articles, videos, images and other materials submitted by online users.

For self-publishers and small businesses, user-generated content is the best marketing strategy as well as a great way to widen your site content.

• Market research. When you ask end users to submit content for your site, you get a general picture of what your target market wants and their interests. You can then tailor-fit your site according to these specifications.
• Improved customer relations. UGC makes your site more interactive and makes end users feel empowered. Most users will be attracted to the chance to give you their opinion about your site or your products.
• Better site ranking. Allowing UGC for your site means more content. More content means that search engines will index your pages more frequently and that your site will appear higher in their results page.
Why UGC works
There are a number of reasons why users will be willing to submit content for your site. Here are the most common ones.
• Self-expression and public empowerment. The internet is considered the new media, where people can freely express their ideas and opinions. Online, there is a free exchange of ideas among end users, and many users are willing to share their thoughts to initiate conversations with fellow internet users. This is why blogs and social networking sites have become popular.
• Reward system. Many online businesses offer incentives (money or freebies, among others) in exchange for submitting user-generated content.
• Trustworthy opinion. Public opinion is an important aspect of marketing. Most consumers prefer to hear what other people think of a product or service before they make their purchase.

UGC Criticism Content credibility and quality are the only concerns regarding UGCs.

UGC ideas for your website
If you want to use UGC for your site, here are some ideas:
• Hire bloggers to review and promote your site or product. Blogs are easily the best form of UGC, which can help your site because each blog post is indexed separately by search engines.
• Create online promos or raffles with incentives for participant end users.
• Offer freebies in exchange for reviews or blog sponsorships.
• Create a feedback or survey form page for your site. This will give you a rough idea of how you can improve your site to suit the tastes of your target market.
• Ask for customer reviews on your sites and products.
• Ask for online submissions (with optional compensation) and topic suggestions for your website.
• Publish a wiki or a separate blog site dedicated to promoting your main product website.
• Create social media accounts for your website, so you can actively interact with end users in real-time.
• Don’t just ask for written or text content. Allow users to produce multimedia content for your site—instructional videos, podcasts, and even images would be a great help to improve your site’s interface and online popularity.